Education and Formation

Growing in Faith:

The Growing in Faith Committee is responsible for the portion of the Parish bulletin devoted to parishioner-written reflection, with articles written by the committee or by others in the Parish as requested.

Good Books:

This group meets monthly to discuss good books. Books help us to understand ourselves and others better and to have more insight into other people’s lives and cultures. Reading together gives us a broader understanding and appreciation of the books we choose. Books are selected from suggestions of the members and from lists of worthwhile books from other sources. Mostly we read fiction, but sometimes choose non-fiction, memoirs, and even plays. We read a mix of classics, good current fiction, and some specifically religious books. We try to include books from other cultures and to have a mix of male and female authors. All are welcome, whether it’s every month or every now and then. Contact the rectory or Mary Grover for the current list of books.

  • Meetings: The second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Rectory

Poetry Pilgrims:

The poet Mark Strand said, “Poetry is about slowing down. You sit and you read something, you read it again, and it reveals a little bit more, and things come to light you could never have predicted.” That’s what we find as we meet monthly to read and discuss poetry; usually focusing on work by one or two poets each time. The choice of what poet to read is decided by group consensus. We average 5-10 people at each meeting. New participants are welcome.

  • Meetings: The third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the rectory


Special Religion Education (SPRED) is a small faith community welcoming people with special needs. Our SPRED group gives adults with special needs (age 22 and older) a one-on-one relationship in faith with a helper catechist. Each helper and friend come together with others to share faith and prayer and experience the sacraments. New members and volunteers are welcome.

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