ST. Gertrude Church

1420 W. Granville Ave.

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone: 773 764-3621

Contact person: Rev. Richard J. Prendergast, Pastor


St. Gertrude Church, a Roman Catholic parish of 1500 families in the Edgewater area of Chicago is seeking a Full-time Music Director to lead all areas of our music ministry.

Responsibilities: selecting and directing music for all parish liturgical services; direction and accompaniment (piano) for all liturgical music ministers (Cantors, Adult Choir and Children’s Choir) for liturgies, rehearsals and special occasions; recruitment and training for music ministers; recruitment and direction of instrumentalists, assisting parishioners in music planning for weddings (15-20 per year), funerals (25-30 per year), First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, maintaining and updating music library and instruments, development of annual budget and responsible for operating within budget; active participation in collaborative planning meetings; serve as a member of the Parish Pastoral Staff; encourage full, active and conscious participation of the Assembly.


- Experience in choral conducting, teaching, sight reading, transposition, writing/arranging accompaniments

- Proficient on keyboard, vocal abilities

- Adept at playing in a variety of musical styles (eg. Classical, Gregorian chant, contemporary, gospel, jazz, etc.)

- Able to work with people of various levels of musicianship, patient with learning curve of volunteers

- Proven leadership and motivational skills; enthusiastic

- Organizational and communication skills to bring order to music library, liturgical planning, scheduling and communication with choirs, cantors and instrumentalists

- Working knowledge of computer software, such as Microsoft Office, e-mail for methods of communication, normal office and organizational systems.


To apply, email or mail resume with references to the contact above.

Salary is commensurate with experience and education. Usual Archdiocesan requirements for  background check, etc. 



Director of Music Ministry for St. Gertrude Parish

General description of job responsibilities:

Working with the Pastor, The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for planning, preparing and delivering music for all weekend masses in the church.  Additionally this position provides guidance to the music ministers at the two remote mass locations ensuring a sense of continuity in the music at all mass locations.

The Music Director has the primary responsibility of leading the Adult & Children’s Choirs, including rehearsals, music selection, etc.

The Director of Music Ministry is also responsible for planning, preparing and playing the music for weekly NCA school masses, Holy Days of Obligation and other significant feasts such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Christmas Eve,  sacramental liturgies (First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings),  and funerals & Memorial masses.

The Music Director is a member of the Parish Pastoral Staff and attends and participates in weekly meetings as well as annual planning days.

Other music ministry-related projects as assigned.

Job Description components:

            - provide music for all parish liturgical services

            - direct all parish music programs, including those at remote locations

            - direct liturgical music ministers: cantors, Adult choir, Children's choir

            - provide music for weekday NCA school masses (usually 1 per week during the school


            - knowledge of variety of musical styles (e.g. classical, Gregorian chant, contemporary,

              gospel, jazz, etc.)

            - recruiting & regular training of all music ministers

            - member of Parish Pastoral Staff

            - works collaboratively with Pastoral Staff in planning & implementing seasonal &

              special liturgical celebrations

            - assists engaged couples in planning music for their weddings (15-20 per year)

            - assists grieving families in planning funeral music (20-35 per year)

            - be responsible for providing music for all weddings, funerals & Memorial Masses

            - maintain music instruments & sound equipment

            - maintain & update music library

            - high level proficiency on piano -- vocal abilities

            - sight read music/transpose/write accompaniments/arrange

            - masters in music preferred or equivalent in experience

            - direct instrumentalists

            - develop & operate within annual budget

            - encourage full, active & conscious participation of the Assembly

            - participate in usual parish liturgical events

            - assumes responsibility for hosting outside music groups using the parish facilities (e.g.

              choral groups for concerts in church, etc.)

            - facility with computer for communication & normal office & organizational systems

Work Schedule:  This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position which equates to an average of 40 hours per week,  This include rehearsal time for choirs as well as personal rehearsal time.  Flexibility is required as certain liturgical seasons require more hours (e.g. Holy Week/Easter and Christmas).


            - works well with many diverse groups (flexible, willing to adapt)

            - works collaboratively

            - flexible in approach to the work and working environment

            - is organized and can bring order to music library, liturgical planning, etc.

            - ability to teach and work well with volunteers

            - has creative vision and forward direction for music program

            - has skills necessary for choral participation

            - is welcoming

            - good steward of resources

            - proven musical leadership ability

            - participates in professional network of liturgical musicians and other groups

            - patient with learning curve of cantors, choir, etc.

            - good people skills (artist, not artiste)

            - good planning and communication skills

            - brings enthusiasm to music program

Salary & Benefits: commensurate with educational background and previous experience, this is a benefits-eligible position with the usual benefits as defined by the Archdiocese of Chicago Benefits Plan.

St. Gertrude is a parish of 1500 families in the Edgewater area of Chicago.  We are a vibrant and diverse community with many young, professional families, couples and singles, as well as multi-generational households.  There are many activities and a high level of parishioner involvement in all aspects of parish life.

Resumes and 3 references (at least two professional) can be directed to: Fr. Richard Prendergast, 1140 W. Granville Ave., Chicago, IL  60660, 773-764-3621, e-mail:




St. Gertrude Parish
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