Combined Mass Schedule

This school year, we will have more Combined Masses this year, held at 10:30 am in Church, instead of the 11:00 am Combined Mass start time. The schedule for those weekends will be a Saturday Vigil at 5:00 pm, and two Sunday Masses—one at 8:00 am and a Combined Mass held at a new time, 10:30 am in Church. This 10:30 am Mass in the Church will be held in lieu of the 9:30 am Mass at St. Gertrude East, the 10:00 am in Church, the 10:30 am Gym Mass, and the 11:30 am Mass in Church.

Here are the dates for Combined Masses: 

  • Sunday, October 14 - Stewardship Sunday
  • Sunday, December 25 - Christmas Day
  • Sunday, Jan 27 - Catholic Schools Week
  • Sunday, April 14 - Palm Sunday
  • Sunday, May 12 - Mother’s Day/May Crowning
  • Sunday, June 9 - Pentecost Sunday


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