Marriage/Weddings at St. Gertrude

Getting Married at St. Gertrude

Congratulations! Know that the parish family of St. Gertrude shares your joy at this very happy and special time your lives. 

Arrangements begin by downloading the Wedding Intake Form (also located at the bottom of the page), filling it out, and sending it to Father Rich at or by calling the Rectory at 773.764.3621 and speaking to him.  

Initial contact with the Rectory office should begin at least six months in advance to allow adequate time for all the necessary components to be properly addressed. Please note, only one of the priests can arrange a specific date for a wedding.

St. Gertrude does not have a Wedding Coordinator, nor does the Parish Office have access to any information about weddings, other than the dates/times of those already scheduled. A wedding date cannot be set until the bride and/or groom meets with a priest. 

Weddings are typically scheduled at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturdays and at any mutually convenient time on any weekday. We do not schedule weddings on Sunday or holidays. 

Once your wedding has been scheduled, our goal is to provide you with all that you will need to make your wedding both memorable and a fitting church service. Our wedding ceremony worksheet is located at the bottom of this page. 


Wedding Intake Form & Ceremony Worksheet

Wedding Intake Form (pdf)


Wedding Ceremony worksheet (pdf)