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Heart to Heart Info

Please contact Jane Callahan-Moore if you need help at 773.973.5464 or via email at jcallahanmoore@stgertrudechicago.org or



Heart to Heart Ministry

What is Heart to Heart?

Heart to Heart is a ministry grown at St. Gertrude that serves some of our most vulnerable residents in Edgewater—our senior citizens. Staffed by director Jane Callahan-Moore, the outreach program’s mission is to help seniors who need minimal assistance to enable them to remain independent in their home. Heart to Heart completes assessments and connects our seniors in need to community services and agencies that can assist them with financial and home care functions. 

In addition, Heart to Heart volunteers offer a limited range of services. Volunteers drive them to doctors’ appointments, run errands, pick up prescriptions, pop in for a friendly visit to see how they are doing, check in with a phone call, or even walk the dog of a sick parishioner. With the help of these dedicated volunteers, we've been able to help hundreds of older persons live quality, dignified, independent lives in their own home. 

Equally as important as tending to basic needs is the human connection that Heart to Heart provides to the lonely, poor, or those in need. Social Services at St. Gertrude is about showing love and care to them through a listening ear, a smile, a kind word, a visit to break up a long day, or a helping hand. It’s about putting faith into action by loving our neighbors and tending to their needs. 

If you are a senior in need or care for an older person that may need Heart to Heart’s services, please call Jane Callahan-Moore at 773.973.5464 or email them at heart2heart@stgertrudechicago.org.  Please note our updated office hours and email address!

Additionally, Heart to Heart offers a medical lending closet. Items available include walkers, with and without wheels, crutches, wheelchairs, and portable commodes. The Lending Closet is now open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am-3:00 pm. Please call 773.973.5464 for a list of available items or to schedule an appointment to pick-up or drop-off items.  

Heart to Heart depends on the generosity of the Edgewater community to continue its work. Every October, multiple fundraisers are held, like Father Mike’s participation in the Chicago Marathon and the annual Heart to Heart play, raising funds for this ministry, but we do need additional financial help. Please consider supporting our work by making a donation to Heart to Heart at the Rectory or online. Donations made with a check should be made payable to St. Gertrude Parish with Heart to Heart written in the memo line. 

Ministry Info

Heart to Heart Office 

6214 N. Glenwood Ave.

Chicago, IL 60660



Please call Jane Callahan-Moore if you need help at the above number.

Requests for Hospital Visits 

If you (or a family member) is hospitalized and want a visit by a church staff member, please call the Heart to Heart office. Because of government regulations, hospital, nursing homes, etc. cannot contact us with this information. Heart to Heart staff will then notify the Rectory. 

Ministry of Praise

Help Needed from Our Homebound and Physically Restricted Parishioners

Did you know that there is a special and valued ministry that needs participants, particularly our homebound and physically-restricted parishioners? There are no meetings or dues required, yet the members have a valued connection to parish life by enriching others and themselves through their own dedicated, daily prayer time!   

It works like this—we provide our committed participants with a prayer book and a monthly guide sheet reflecting some of the prayer requests taken from St. Gertrude Church’s Prayer Wall. Our prayer angels become an unseen blessing for so many! We welcome anyone’s interest in this caring ministry. Call Jane 

Callahan-Moore at 773.973.5464 for more information. 


Heart to Heart Volunteer Handbook and Brochure

Heart to Heart trifold brochure 2020 (pdf)


Heart to Heart Volunteer Handbook January 2020 (pdf)