Parish Advisory Groups

Parish Development Council Duties

A Parish Development Council has been formed. This group will review all requests from the parish and outside groups who would like to raise funds from the parishioners and determine which of these many requests reflect the parish vision and mission and deserve our attention, and which are not really appropriate for us at this time.

The Development Council would also review the present and anticipated financial needs of the parish and how those can best be addressed (e.g. offertory programs, capital campaigns, parish fund-raisers, etc.)

List of members

Coming soon. 

Parish Council

Parish Council's Duties

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) serves as one of the Advisory Boards to the Pastor. It is composed of parishioners from all areas of parish life and all demographics within the parish. The Council helps present the concerns of the parishioners and help set the direction of the parish. It serves as a listening board for all concerns parishioners may have and helps suggest ways of meeting new or ongoing needs of parishioners. The PPC meets throughout the year, usually monthly, but not as often in the summer. 

The chair of the Parish Council is Gail Smith, co-vice chairs are Dominic Guagenti and Donna Whalley, and the secretary is Colleen Fulkerson. 

Minutes from the meetings are available for download below.  

Parish Council Members

  • Rita Elue
  • Colleen Fulkerson, Secretary
  • Denise Goodman
  • Forrest Ingram
  • Michelle Nickerson
  • Fr. Rich Prendergast
  • Gail Smith, Chair
  • Allen Stryczek
  • Mike Tobin
  • Donna Whalley, Co-Vice Chair

Past Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes January 20, 2020 Meeting (pdf)


Minutes from November 20, 2019 Meeting (pdf)


Minutes from June 27, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Minutes from the May 23, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Minutes from the April 25, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Parish Council Agenda April 25 (pdf)


Minutes from the March 28, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Minutes from the February 28, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Minutes from the January 24, 2019 meeting (pdf)


Finance Committee

Parish Finance Committee's Duties

The St. Gertrude Finance Council serves as one of the Advisory Boards to the Pastor. The Finance Council helps in the exercise of stewardship for all parish resources. Members review monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reports. They help review the overall condition of parish finances, offering counsel on the Sunday Offertory, capital campaigns, extraordinary expenses (e.g. new boilers or major repairs), and any other concerns that may arise. They review and approve the Annual Parish Budget and the Annual Financial Report. The Finance Council meets throughout the year, about every other month, but more often when certain deadlines need to be considered. 


Contact Art Blumberg at or call the Rectory for more information. 

Parish Finance Committee Members

  • Marty McDermott, Chair
  • Paul Elue
  • Chris Williams
  • Madaline Kiedysz

Building & Grounds Committee

Building & Grounds Committee's Duties

The committee oversees the proper preventive maintenance and repair of the parish’s buildings and grounds. The primary focus of this committee is to develop and review ongoing maintenance and improvement projects that serve to preserve and enhance the church campus. The group meets as necessary. 

Contact Art Blumberg at or call the Rectory for more information. 

Buildings & Grounds Committee Members

  • Jim Byrne, Chair
  • Rich Martin
  • Steve Siegle
  • Rob Sierzega